Wednesday, 10 March 2010

"My favourite comic" by Paula, class 4A

This is a photo of my favourite comic: "Esther and her world".
The writer of the book is Purificación Campos Sánchez, better known professionally as Purita Campos.
In her comics the main character is Esther, a girl of thirteen  years old.
Before going to school, Esther, worked delivering newspapers, her boss is a grumpy.
Esther's best friend is Rita, but sometimes they get angry.
Esther is a girl who usually has problems with kids, she says it's the ugly duckling of the family because not having a boyfriend.
Family consists of: her stepfather,Ted Parsons, her sister, Carol, and her mother, Cathy.
Her sister, Carol is 17 years old, Carol works in a department store.
She wants to be an actress, is working on a film and The director is Noel Carter, the ex boyfriend of Carol.

Her mother is Cathy, a woman who works very hard to get his family out forward.
Her father, Bill Lucas, died a few years ago and left his wife widow.

Her stepfather is Ted Parsons,Ted is a good man, a police sergeant, who becomes the second husband of Cathy.
Francis, is her granny, his grandmother is very strict with her and her sister.
Eddy is her uncle, travel a lot, and never visits Esther.
Her enemy is Doreen Snyder, she likes the same guy than  Esther, always tries to spoil their romantic plans.
Juanito is the guy who Esther likes.
Miss Clark is the teacher and  works at Smith School.

* Do you like the comic?
 I like it a lot.
What's your favourite comic?
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  1. This is a best post !!!! Is a very long post !!

  2. Paula, 4A

    Thanks, this is a very long post, it took me some time !!

  3. Thanks, this is a very long post, it took me some time !!