Monday, 9 July 2012

"Sometimes saying goodbye hurts" by Paula from class 6A


I'm very sad because this is my last post. It's the end of the blog, readers! First of all, thank you for reading me in all these years.
I have created a Photopeach to say goodbye.
It's very difficult to say goodbye for me. It's very hard to leave all the teachers, all the fantastic lessons, everything in this school!
I will miss Ponte dos Brozos School a lot.
It's very difficult to explain, I have no words. At this school I learned writing, reading, to be a good person, and, the most important, this school teached me to live. 
And so, I want to say a thing: thanks to everyone for this amazing school, because thanks to them I am who I am. 
Special thanks to Aurora, because thanks to her I discovered the great world of technology. You're fantastic,'re the best!
It's very sad to leave all that I have lived here.
I'm looking back over these years, I have changed a lot from the past, and I'm proud of it.
Leave the past in a picture album, we're moving on with the rush of the future, sometimes saying goodbye hurts. But goodbye Primary School, I'll miss you. Too bad things like this don't last forever, all that we've been through all the good times, I'll remember these for the rest of my life.
Every moment holds a memory, some of those that you'll always treasure.
I'm going to miss you school, the school of my soul.
At this link there are a text at: GoogleDocs in Spanish for saying goodbye: "Mis años en Ponte dos Brozos"

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

"See you, mates" by Cristina, Sonia and Aida, class 6D

Hello, friends!!!
This post is special, because it's in honor of our classmates.
We are going to miss you... we will never forget you!!!

"Goodbye school" by Uxía Varela, class 6D

Hello friends!
This is my goodbye.
With this PhotoPeach I want to remember all my school life.
"There are places I will remember all my life.
Though some have changed, others remain.
All these places had their moment, with friends I will  always remember.
I will never stop thinking about them, they are part of my life...
This is my farewell.
Good luck :'(

"The school is out" by Diego A, class 6A

The school is out ant the summer is coming!!! 
This is my last post of this year, because this year I went to the Secondary School if I don't have to repeat 6 of Primary hee hee hee.
 I hope to finish primary because the Secondary School is... fantastic? I don't know but I hope so.
 In "Ponte Dos Brozos" I had a very good experience in this school with my classmates. 
I'm scared to move to the Secondary School, because my classmates, the teachers, the experience... can go away. 
I will try not to forget my 6 years in this school... and you too!!! 
Bye... and have a good summer.

Friday, 22 June 2012

"I'll remember you all my life" By Andrea Class 6D

Hi friends!
This is my last post and I feal blue because next year I'm going to go to the I.E.S Manuel Murguía, Secuodary School
And of course I feel blue. Why? Now I like my class, my classmates, my class, my teachers, my school... But maybe next year I will not like my classmates, my class, my teachers, my school...
Yesterday in my class We made a party and it looked like a funeral because we started to cry.
I think I  this will school year all my life.

 I like this blog and I think this is my last post so I hope You remember me because I remember you all my life.
Bye vistors, bye or I'm going to cry. 

"Thanks for everything" By Alba B, Class 6A

Hello My dear visitors!
Today, it is the last day in the school!
I cryed a lot, a lot!
This post is to say to everybody at  school a very beautiful word: Thank You!
Thanks to my class, To all my teachers, And finally to the school!
I will miss this school a lot!
I hope that we will see soon!

Goodbye!!! By Alba Reino, class 6A

Hello visitors!!!
This is my last year in the school C.E.I.P. Ponte dos Brozos.
I love this school, it is the best school in the world.
But I do not want to go :( because I love this school and my friends and of course my teachers.
Well... I want to say I like this school and its beautiful sites hee hee hee.
This is all for now , this is my last post :(
Good bye visitors and of course good bye school and friends.
Forever in my heart.

"See you Primary School" By Alba B, Class 6A

Hello dear visitors!
I was in this school since I was 3 years old, I was very small.
I had a lot of teachers, I will miss this school a lot!
I will miss all, the teachers, some of my mates, the break time....I mean this school!
The next year I'm going to go to "Manuel Murguia" the feared secondary school, well, I think so!
I don't want to go to the secondary school, I'm a little bit scared, I do not why but.....
I'm not going to forget this school, Never Ok?
This school is the best, I was here for 8 years, in this wonderful and awesome school.
I will miss this blog, you, my visitors......
I'm not going to forget this blog!
My class had this blog for 3 years.
The famous "Bye Bye" is the saddest thing ;(
I'm very sad.
Well, Bye bye my dear visitors ;(

"My last post"By Lucía, class 6D

Hello visitors!!
This will be my last post on our class blog.
In my opinion this year was the best, It's a pity it to end so soon! 
But what I meant was that I'm going to miss all this, that if I could I would stay another year, I would it. 
It's hard but... I have to say goodbye. :'(

"Bye bye school" by Judith, class 6A

(If you want to create a image like this go to: Dreamlines)

Hello visitors!!
How are you? I'm very sad because this week is a short week.
I'm going to miss my teachers, some friends and so on :(
And you , are you going to miss me?
And you teacher, are you going to miss me? I suppose you don't because I don't work a lot.
See you visitors BYE SCHOOL and BYE FRIENDS! :(

"Bye school" by Jimena, class 6A

(If you want to create an image like this, go to: Dreamlines)
Hello classmates!
How are you?
I'm happy and I'm sad because in September, I will go to the High School.
I think the first year of the Secondary School is too dificult.
I'm happy because I want to go to the High School and 
I'm sad because there are some classmates than I love and they have to stay another year in Primary.
The name of my High School is Manuel Murguía and it is here,in Arteixo.
Some friends that stay now with me will be in my class and others won't.
And this is the last post in this blog!!!
I love you forever :)!!!
Bye Primary School!!!

"Bye school" by Angel Brr for class 6A.

Hi everibody!!!:)
This is my last post.Sorry this school is the best because the teachers are the best.
 My teachers are:Aurora(English), Carme(Tutor), Jose Antonio(PE), Rosa(Music) and anything else.
The best teachers are:Aurora, Laura, Jesús...
The best moments of my life were her because of my friends.The friends are the best because they are very good.My friends are Lucia,Alec ,David, Sheima... but in the past in year 4 of primary separeted in two defferent schools and we say to goodbye to :Hugo, Brais, Dani, Sheilla...
But this is primary but Secondary school is very different compared with primary.
 This is the last post of primary.
Till always, Primary Bloggers!!!:)

"Bye forever primary school" by Miriam C.L

Hi visitors.
I made this post to say you goodbye.
I gonna be in Secondary School.
I gonna miss a lot all that I've got now.
I gonna remember all my teachers:
Mari Luz
José Antonio
and my favourite English Teacher Aurora.
So, see you all our amazing followers and thanks for reading our blog!!

"See you school" By Alec, class 6A

Hi everyone. 
Today I'm going to speak about  summer time. 
I like summer time, I think like everybody. 
In summer time I want to go to three or five football and  tennis camps.
I'm going to visit my granny and grandfather. 
I think I'm going to travel to Barcelona, but I don't know. 
What are you going to do this summer? 
Do you like summer time? 
Now, I'm going to speak about next school year. 
Next year I'm going to the high school.
I'm a little bit nervous because I'm going to have new and different friends and teachers.
I'm not going to post more on this blog. 
See you visitors, thank you very much for reading. 

"My last post" by Alba A

Hello friends,
This is my last post because I'm going to the Secondary School.
I will miss my teacher and my friends a lot.
I'm very happy because  it's  summer but I'm sad because I'm not going  to post here on Primary Bloggers.
We'll be friends forever!!
This is not The End is the New Beginning!!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

"I grew my face" by Aida, from class 6D

Hi friends!
I grew my face, and you?
His name is Thomas:
He is a boy. He has got black short straight hair, black eyes, black eyebrows and beard.
He is not too old, but I'm younger than him. Hahaha
He is wearing a green t-shirt.
Do you like my face? 
If you want to create one like this, visit Grow a Face.
Bye visitors!

"The best rock team in the world" by Aida, class 6D

Hi Beatles fans!
This guitar, is from John Lennon, he was a musician of "The Beatles".
It's a very good guitar!
It's blue, black, white and red.
I really like my guitar, I think it's very original, what do you think?
Write a comment, please.
Do you want to create an original guitar like John Lennon guitar's?
If you do, visit, Custom Guitar.
If you want to edit photos go to Picnik.
Bye, rock lovers!

"My avatar" by Aida, class 6D

Hi visitors!
This is me in a drawing.
I have got long and brown hair.
A normal nose, and grey glasses.
I'm wearing a blue jacket.
I have created this at Clay Yourself or if you want, click on the image.

"I miss you" by Sonia, class 6D

Hello dudes!!
This post is dedicated to a very special person in my life. 
Her name is Chon.
I think that Chon is perfect.
I will miss her blonde hair, her brown eyes, her "caresses", her way of being... I will miss her. 
I will not forget and I hope she will not forget me either. 
I love you Chon. 

If you want to create a photo like this click on the image or visit Fontreactor.

"Nice flowers in the garden"By Lucía class 6D

Here, there are my own flowers. I think there are nice and cool.
I'm going to describe them:
1. The first is red and white. I think it's more beautiful than the others.
It is small and is Cris' favourite. I agree Cris!! ;)
2. The second one is the biggest of the three. It is black and pink.
It is Ainhoa's fave.
3. The third is bigger than the first one but it's smaller than the second one.
It is blue and violet and its petals are small and big.
You can create more here.

"My friend look like a doll"By Lucía class 6D

This is my custom doll.
I created that because she looks like my friend Rocío, this is her description:
She is tall and thin. She has brown hair with bangs; a little nose and little pink lips. Her favourite colors are violet and blue. Her favourite night suit is a black T-shirt and a white short with black polka dots. She likes swimming and jogging. She doesn't like tests and to play cards. She has a pet, a white cat with blue eyes.
If you want to create another doll like this, visit puchi colective.
Bye, see you visitors and classmates!!

"I met a famous person, and you?" by Aida, class 6D

(Click on the image to see my dream)

Hi friends!
Now I will talk about who I met last day, because...
Last Sunday I met Adele.
We went to New York, we were in the most beautiful place there.
When I saw her, she was wearing a pink shirt, jeans, black cool boots and a blue jacket, and
I was wearing a green t-shirt, black trousers and white trainers.
After that we ate pasta in the most luxurious restaurant of New York.
Some people were buying a lot of things and some were looking and asking for autographs from Adele.
When people left her, that was our conversation, I said:
- Do you want to do anything?
+ Ouhh....yes! Let's sing! Ok, Aida? People want to listen to me sing in live...Please Aida!
- Ok, ok...but I don't sing very well, rather bad...
+ It does not matter, it is just for fun!
- Ok...
Finally we sang and people asked me for an autograph too!! Hahahaha
Do you want to create a dream? Visit Max My Dream.
If you want to see my dream click on the image.
Bye, readers, post a comment please! :)

"My own flowers" by Aida, from class 6D

(Click on the image to create a flower like these)

Hi bloggers!
These are my flowers! 
The first one has got the following colours: light blue, blue and dark blue.
The second one has got these colours: red, yellow, garnet and violet.
The third one has got, blue, violet, light blue, dark blue, pink, beige and white.
The fourth one is the last, it has got these colours, violet, red, yellow, green, blue, and pink.
Do you like it? Post a comment, please :)
If you want to create a flower like these visit Create Your Own Flowers, or if you want click on the image.
Do you want to create a fantastic collage like this one? You must to visit, piZap.
Bye, friends!