Thursday, 27 May 2010

"My two gothic avatars" by Paula, class 4A

These are my gothic avatars, created at: "".
Ruth,the second woman has got yellow and pink hair, her eyes are green and her lips are brown color.
She's wearing a pink top, a black and white sweatshirt and a pink or violet skirt.


She has got violet and black shoes, a violet bag with stickers, a black and white wrist.

The name of the first avatar is Paula, the woman is gothic, too. Her hair is violet, her eyes are green and the color of her lips are cream color. She's wearing a pink and white T-shirt.

She's wearing a white belt in the T-shirt and has got a black ribbon.
Her makeup in the eyes is violet or pink. I don't now.
Tell your opinion about the gothic girls, please and look at the page:

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