Saturday, 1 May 2010

"The Simpsons family" by Hugo, class 4A

Hi !
This is my favourite TV serie.
In this family,  the father is Homer, the mother is Marge,
the son is Bart,  Bart's sister is Lisa and the baby is Magie.
They have got a cat and a dog.
Homer works at the Nuclear Power, Marge is a housewife,
Bart and Lisa go to school and Magie stays at home sleeping in the
Bart has got a tree house and only Bart's friends can enter there.
Lisa enjoys playing the saxophone and reading in her bedroom.
Homer likes going to Moe's bar.
They have a neighbor named Ned Flanders who hates Homer.
Bye bye , guys !!

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  1. Hello Hugo.Your post it's very good