Tuesday, 8 June 2010

"The horses: a part of my life" by Paula from classroom 4A

Hello everybody,
These are my two virtual pets created at: http://bunnyherolabs.com/, and I was recommended by my classmate Samuel in his post.
* Lena is my mare, it lives in my grandparent's house.

* Adoado is a horse, it lives in the house of my friend.

Lena and Adoado are going to have a foal. If boy, the name is Jimmy and if girl, the name is Khea.
I love horses, I think horses are a way to feel free.
I ride in a horse riding school called: "Casas Novas".
"Casas Novas" has got lots of horses, the mare that I like is Pía, the horse that I like is Emir.
Horses are a part of my life, the second part is my family, of course !!
Do you like horses ??
*Adopt a virtual pet and tell your opinion about this post, please !!
Goodbye everybody.

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