Wednesday, 2 June 2010

"My Ikea's room" by Paula, class 4A

Hello kids,
This is my Ikea's room, created at Ikea-Space Maker.
In the bedroom, there is a bed with diferent colours, behind the bed, there is a cupboard, next to the cupboard there is a TV and lots of books on the shelves, on the top there is a yellow clock and a picture, next to the pìcture there is a cupboard, too.There are more wardrobes with lots of clothes: shirts, T-shirts, trousers, shoes and bags, next to the wardrobe there are more shelves with a laptop, a lamp and hairdresser accessories.
There are lots of pictures and posters between the shelves and the window.There are sports accessories, a sewing machine, a stereo, more lamps and a dummy.

Oh!, I can´t forget these things:
In front of the black and white cupboard there is a pink and violet backpack.
In front of the bed there is a chair and a rug.
In front of the shelves there is a table and two violet chairs.
In front of the window there is a white desk with a white and black laptop and lots of pencils. Over the desk there is a lamp and in front of the desk is a green bin.

Look at the page: Ikea-Space Maker and tell your opinion.

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