Tuesday, 8 June 2010

"My multicolored" by Paula, class 4A

Hello visitors and Spain's fans,
This is my special flag created at: http://www.wearemulticolored.com/, I was recommended by the blog: http://brozoscorner.blogspot.com/ and the teacher Luz.

Flag description:

Name: Countries united.

"Body": in its "body" has got three flags: flag from Italy, flag from Spain and flag from Argentina. Has got the colours of flag from Spain: red and yellow and the symbol, of course !! Also has got a flag from Italy and not the symbol, what a pity !! I needed the flag from Argentina, this flag has got his colours: blue and white and has got a symbol: a special yellow sunny.

Do you like it ?? Do you like my post ?? And my painting ?? Lots of questions, I know.

Answers in a comment, please.

Goodbye visitors and see you Spain's fans.

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