Tuesday, 22 June 2010

"School is out": a movie directed by Paula from class 4A

Hi classmates,
This is my movie, the title is: "Goodbye classmates". The movie is directed by me.
The script is............is...........is, I don't know, sorry., what a pitty!!
The school is out!!
I will miss my friends, my good friends, my special friends, my classmates.... all my teachers: Laura my general teacher, my English teacher, of course, my music teacher, my gym teacher...... everybody-

Keep in touch, please because some classmates and friends are going to another school: Cristian Amado, Samuel, Aarón, Hugo, Cristian Boedo, Daniel, Brais, Sheila, Jacobo and Laura.
Classmates who stay in Ponte Dos Brozos, the old school: Alba Arias, Sheima, Alec, Lucia, Angel Blanco Diego, Óscar, Miriam, Judith, Alba and Angel Barril, and I of course.
Have a happy summer or a nice summer.
Oh I can't forget this: I will miss our blog, of course, I love the blog because it is a way to break free.
Bye bye blog!!
* Friends 4ever or forever.

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  1. I like your last post, is very nice.