Friday, 12 November 2010

"Fact or fiction", a video directed by Paula

 Click on the image to watch my Fact or Fiction video.
Hello kids,
This post is about my video: Fact or Fiction, directed by me, of course. It's created at: Trick or Treat your friends
I created this video because in November, it's Halloween. Halloween is an important festival in England, USA and other countries.
I like Halloween because there are lots of costumes.
On the video there are lots of characters and Hallowen's houses.
1.- On the first house there are lots of coffins and skeletons, but near the door there are pumpkins. At home there are an important astronaut with Alec's face.
2.- On the second house there are pumpkins and skeletons with swords. At home there is a funny pirate with Alba's face.
3.- On the third house there are pumpkins and ghost skeletons. At home there are a crazy but fantastic and amazing scientist.
4.-On the fourth house there are lots of cobwebs and skeletons. At home there are a  hot dog with mayonnaise, but the dinosaur is hungry and.......... ñam, ñam!!
5.- On the fifth house there are lots of pumpkins and coffins. At home there is the best singer in the world:  He has got a pink guitar and red and black hair. It's lovely !!
And this is ALL  about my Halloween's video.
Do you like it ??
Post a comment please.

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  1. Rahela class 4E4 April 2011 at 18:24

    Hello Paula
    your post is fantastic,incredible,amazing, spectacular, and beautiful
    I love
    good job
    see you