Tuesday, 16 November 2010

"My Barça football card" by Paula

Hi world,
This post is about my football card, created at: Football Card
I like this tool because is very funny and easy. In the photo, there is a  very very strong player  with a very important trophy in his hand. The player's name is Paul because my name is Paula and the player has got my face. Paul has got two cheerleaders around him.
In the photo, there are two words: Paula and Barcelona because my name is Paula and my favourite football club is  Barça.
I like many players: David Villa (Barcelona), Lionel Andrés Messi (Barcelona), Fernando Torres (Liverpool), Casillas (Real Madrid, I hate the Real Madrid but I like Casillas).
The players that I hate are Cristiano Ronaldo ( Real Madrid), Van Bommel (Bayern Munich), Di María (Real Madrid) and lots of others.
Do you like my football card ?? Do you like Barça ?? Do you like my post ?? Lots of questions, I know, answers in a comment, please.
See you.

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