Tuesday, 23 November 2010

"My Race Car" by Paula

Hello car fans,
This post is about the car that I have created on:  Created you Car. I don't like cars but this is very funny and easy. Well this is the car description:
The painjob are white and has got  grey letters: "Powered by Honda".
The wheels are black and grey, are beautiful !!
The spoiler is a little big and the colour is black or grey.
The signals are grey and the headlights are red and the others are blue.
The brake rotors are grey, too, everything are grey or black.
The calipers are yellow, are near to the wheels.
The exhaust are black and is under the car.
The car has got a blue and green little picture.
Oh sorry I forgot the blue windows of the car.
You can see the English words of the cars ?? No, well a help:
Paintjob- Trabajo de pintura.
Wheels- Ruedas.
Signals- Señales.
Headlights- Faros.
Brake Rotors- Frenos.
Calipers- Pinzas.
Exhaust- Tubo de escape.
"Powered by Honda"- Sponsorizado por Honda.
I hope this will help you to learn more words about the cars in English.
See you on the next post.


  1. Paula, We miss you and hope that you recover soon.
    Best wishes from:
    The teacher, all your classmates and ... Rafa, Sergio, David and the other guys from class 6C. ;-)

  2. Hello Paula
    I'm Rahela
    your car is amazing and fantastic
    good job
    see you!