Friday, 24 December 2010

"Christmas slideshow on PhotoPeach" by Paula

"Merry Christmas" on PhotoPeach
Hello Santa Claus and Santa's fans,
This post is created because on December 24, we celebrate Christmas and I have created a slideshow with lot of information about this.
Christmas is celebrated in differents countries and in different ways.
My family celebrate a party with  a lot of music and food. Jummy !!. My godmother and my uncle come from Barcelona to celebrate with us.
December 18, every year, in my house, I decorate the Christmas tree with garlands, stars and ligths.
And some days after that, in my grandparents's house, it's fantastic.
I like Christmas very much  because the gifts that I want, Santa Claus brings to me them.


  1. You are a super star, Paula.
    Thanks for your work. Great slideshow.
    I hope you have a wonderful christmas.
    I think Santa will be extra good to you.
    Enjoy your holidays !

  2. Rahela class 4E4 April 2011 at 18:14

    Hello Paula
    your video is very beautiful
    I love
    good job and congratulations
    see you!