Monday, 13 December 2010

"A special bagpack" by Paula

Hello Primary Bloggers's visitors,
This post is created because in Land's End Packland I have created a bagpack and I'm going to talk about this.
You can choose diferents backgrounds. I chose the jungle with lots of animals and vegetables.
The colour of the bagpack is pink and purple. It has got brown horns as hair.
It also has got a vase with pink and red flowers and a green and yellow watering can as the left ear,
and it has got a brown rope as the right ear.
It has got a red and maroon mouth and very very white teeth.
My bagpack hasn't got legs, then has got a tail with black and yellow lines.
Well, this is it the description, now my opinion about the activity:
I like this activity very much because you can create the bagpack of your dreams and... I like this.
Post a comment with your opinion about this post.
Until another post.
*More ideas on: Think in English.


  1. Rahela class 4E31 March 2011 at 20:24

    Hello Paula!
    My name is Rahela
    your post is fun ,long and difficult
    see you!

  2. My dear Rahela:
    I think that you are a super star, congrats for your great work !!