Thursday, 13 January 2011

"A delicious Devil Yogurt" by Paula

Hello Primary Bloggers' readers,
On this post,  I will talk about the Yogurt that I have created on Devil Yogurt & his Wicked Comrades.
Well, I go to describe it:
The color of the yogurt is yellow because is of vanilla flavor.
The yogurt has got some objects: a horrible black, white and pink eye,
near that, it has got a white and pink flame,
under the eye and the flame, it has got a brown tree,
near the yogurt has got a little of scum, jummy !!
The monster cup has also got other flame but this is brown and pink, near, the flame has got a white and orange wake. Has got, too, a strange, green worm.
The background of the photo is a mountain landscape and the color is blue, has got, too, the moon in the sky.
The devil yogurt has got an animal protector, the name is Cloudy-Man and his work is protect it from Devil Yogurt's enemies attacks.
This is a little bit about Devil Yogurt and its animal.
Go and have fun.
Until another post, classmates. 

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