Wednesday, 5 January 2011

"The history of The Three Kings of Orient" by Paula

Hello Christmas fans,
I have created this post to speak about the history of the three Kings of Orient.
I like Santa Claus very much but...I love the three Magic Kings because they are Spanish and Santa is foreign character.
The history of the Three Magic Kings:
They are called is "the three  Kings of  Orient" because They come from the East.
They have three camels, one for each one. Their transport are the camels because they don't loose much time  drinking and the Magic Kings have to do many miles from the East to Spain.
The Three Kings of Orient are three, of course and these are the names and the features:
Melchor is an old man, he is on the left of the image.
He has got fair skin, brown eyes and long, curly, brown hair. He also has got a brown mustashe and beard.
In the photo, he is wearing a green and beige robe.
 He also has got a cool hat with lots of colours: green, yellow, red, blue, orange..........and lots of others.
And Melchor, in his hands, has got a peculiar object. It is a yellow glass.
Gaspar is an old man, too but much older that Melchor. He is on the rigth of the image.
He has got fair skin, brown eyes, and short, wavy, brown hair. He also has got a brown mustache and a beard, too.
In the picture, he is wearing a red, green, yellow and purple robe.
He also has got a green, yellow, red crown.
Gaspar has got an object in his hands. It is the same object than melchor's object: a yellow glass.
Baltasar is old but less that Melchor and Gaspar. He is the youngest, he is in the centre of the image.
He has got dark skin, blue eyes, and Baltasar is bald, poor thing !!
In the photo, he is wearing a great red, yellow, blue, black and green robe.
On his head, Baltasar has got a beatiful blue handkerchief.
Baltasar has got an object, too but it's a red box.
Well, this is ALL that I know.
'Till later.
Have a Happy Three Kings Day!!

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  1. Adrian ,Class 4E5 April 2011 at 11:20

    Hello Paula.
    My name is Adrian.
    I like yours Three Kings of Orient,is fantastic and cool.
    See you!!! :)