Tuesday, 11 January 2011

"The list of my Xmas presents" by Paula

Hello classmates and visitors,
On this post I will talk about my Christmas presents on these Christmas days.
On December 24, at nigth, Santa Claus came to my grandparent's house and these are the presents:
*A game for the "Nintendo DS" called "Art Academy"
*A book called "Adventures in New York" written by Tea Stilton, Geronimo Stilton's sister.
*A comic book about "Esther and her world 3" written by Purita Campos.
*A basket for me and my brother because I like basketball and he too.
*A cool touch guitar called: "Paper Jamz"
*A videogame for the Wii called: "Monopoly Streets".
*A beautiful grey, black and white dress.
On January 6 "The Three Magic Kings" came to my house, at nigth. And in the morning, I opened these presents:
*A new telephone called: "Nokia C7".
*A painting about horses. I love the horses.
*Other painting with the theater diploma that I received the last year.
*Two books about "Patito Feo", the first and the second of the collection.
*A new videogame for the Wii: "G1 Jockey 2008".
In my grandparent's house:
*Some special stockings to ride a horse at Casas Novas.
*Nettings to ride a horse at Casas Novas, too.
*A waistcoat to ride a horse at Casas Novas, again.
*A comic about "Esther and her world 4"
In my uncle's house:
*CD of Patito Feo "The musical"
*Cool, beautiful, fantastic white nettings.
In my friend Angel's house:
*Great black, white and red sneakers.
*Pink Hello Kitty bed set, very warm for the winter !!
The present that I like best of Santa Claus and the three Magic Kings is the telephone.
Santa Claus and the three Magic Kings were very very good with me.
With you too ?? Answer in a comment, please.
Until  another post Primary Bloggers's visitors.


  1. Rahela class 4E2 April 2011 at 09:51

    Hello Paula
    your post is amazing and cute
    I love!
    Good job!
    see you

  2. Thanks, ho and...
    Good job, too for you and the rest of your classmates !!
    A kiss !!