Saturday, 29 January 2011

"My monster yogurt" by David

Hello visitors!
This is my monster yogurt.
It's a chocolate yougurt.
In the yogurt,  there are monsters:
Peanuts, a spider, a pumpkin, a monster pig, a monster berry, 3 eyes, a monster stopper, a monster slug and a flame.
The peanut is brown, black and white and little.
The spider is very big and red.
The pumpkin is orange and white and little.
The monster pig has an eye, two mouths and it's brown and green.
The monster berry has a mouth, carnivorous plants  in his head and it's red and green.
The three eyes are black.
The monster stopper  is white and black.
The monster slug is purple.
The flame is red and pink.
Base plate is green yogurt.
With all these monsters, my yogurt is very evil.
Bye visitors!

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