Saturday, 5 February 2011

"All about my Chinese zodiac sign and Chinese New Year in general" by Paula

Hello  and Happy Chinese New Year,
I have created this post to talk about my Chinese New Year and Chinese New Year in general.
Well, these are all my creations about Chinese New Year 2011:

This is a word that I like it very much because it is so beautiful written in Chinese and looks like a face: with the eyes, a cool smile and near  the cool smile a tear.
The background of the photo is of some different colours: dark pink, light pink, dark purple, light purple, light red and a dark yellow, I think.  I do not know very well.
The word in the two languages that I speak:
The word in English: heart.
The word in Spanish: corazón.
This is another word that I found in Chinese.
I like very much this word too. It's a word that, in my opinion, it's very important because it represents peace and this is nice.
The backgorund  is blue, only blue.
The word in English: peace.
The word in Spanish: paz.

Here are some of the Chinese zodiacs symbols: a grey rat, a black and white cow, a yellow tiger, a pink pig, a green dragon, a snake, a brown and black horse, a white sheep and a yellow duck.

In each of the signs appears a little text with their own characteristics and personality.
(The background of the photo is dark red)

This is my Chinese zodiac sign  and its  description:
It's a dragon. It has got a fair green and black body, short wavy orange hair, color cream feelers, a long orange tail and green arms and legs.
My characteristics and personality, according to this:
"You can be stubborn but you are a born leader.
You have great energy and confidence"

(I am a dragon bacause I was born in March 7,  year 2000)

Confident, hardworking and always strive to be at the top. Full of energy, determined and will inspire other people. They Don’t like routine and are excited by new projects. Show loyalty to friends, popular and fun-loving.
The Dragon is the only mythical creature in the Chinese zodiac and it is looked upon as the luckiest of all the animals.

Well, this is all my work about Chinese New Year, I hope that you like it.
* By the way, I forget this, sorry.
Visit Think in English and enjoy the Chinese stuff that is there.
This is all at the moment, visit the pages, please all are very nice and easy.
See you.


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