Thursday, 17 February 2011

"My favourite footballers and me on a Work of Art" by Paula

Hello football lovers,
On this post,  I'm going to talk about my new Work on Art, created at: Mode Art.
On my "painting",  there are three photos or images:
1.- The first photo shows Pique, a defender  Barça  footballer. I choose this image because I relly like this player, and ... a secret: I love it, I like very much Pique. You see the secret about this player ??
2.- I am in the second image, yes,  this girl is me. Beside my favorite players, I also wanted to include myself  in the photo. I am pretty, do you know ??
3.- The third photoshows a picture  in black and white, of Lionel Messi,
The best football player in the world,  In the galaxy,  In the planet. 
I think  this, and you, do you think the same or not ??.

* The  background:
The colour of all the photo is green, a ligth green. But it has got more colours, for example: ligth blue, dark green, dark red and yellow.
It has got green yellow stars surrounding the photos, flowers near the stars and green little shrubberies.
Well, promise me that you will visit: Mode Art.
Enjoy the funny adventure, football lovers !!

  P.S: This post it's dedicated to Pique. Well , I wish he visits our blog


  1. Andrea Rodriguez Varela 4E29 March 2011 at 11:21

    Hello paula your picture is very cool!
    I love your post!

  2. Thanks for: I love your post!
    Myself loves the comments that your classmates published on Primary Bloggers.
    See you Andrea !!

  3. Soraya class 4ºE2 April 2011 at 09:52

    Hello Paula.
    Your post is amazing and spectacular.
    Very good!
    See you.

  4. Thanks, and a question:
    Do you like football ?? Waht is your favourite team ?? And your favourite football player ??

  5. Soraya class4E7 April 2011 at 14:51

    Hello Paula!!
    I don't like football.
    My favorite team is BARSA.And you?

  6. Hello Paula,my name is Ainoa.
    Your picture is amazing and very cool a virtual kiss! :-*)