Saturday, 12 February 2011

''My interactive and scary colouring book'' By Sheima.

Hello, visitors!!!
This is my interactive and scary book.
My book has got a black cat, a ghost, an owl, a lamp, scary and red curtains.
The floor is wood and has got a red carpet.
There are three girls.
The first girl is wearing, a red dress, red shoes and she has got brown hair.
The second girl is wearing an orange dress, orange shoes and she has got light brown hair.
The third girl is wearing a purple shirt, straight and purple pants and her hair is black.
The background is brown and grey.
The frame is purple and has got a dolphin, a hummingbird, a clock and a snail.
See you on the next post!!!


  1. Hello Sheima!
    In my opinion your post is very cool and difficult.
    See you!

  2. Hello, Lara!!!
    I'm Sheima.
    It's very cool your post.
    See you!!!