Thursday, 24 February 2011

"The new Deportivo's uniform" by Paula

Hello Deportivo's fans,
Well, I am going to talk about my new Depor's uniform created at: Build Jacket.
I think that Deportivo needs other uniform and I am the creator but I have created only the jacket.

* Jacket's description:
It's blue and white, of course. The colours of my team, the team of my town !!
At the front, it has got a word: Deportivo and on the back, it has got the name of Ricky and the number 6. I don't know which one is his number, sorry and a text of the page, I did not know removed.
I say goodbye but before: Believe Lotina, please.
See you on another post.


  1. Rahela class 4E31 March 2011 at 23:40

    Hello Paula
    My name is Rahela
    your jacket is fantastic and amazing
    good job
    see you!

  2. Soraya class 4ºE5 April 2011 at 11:12

    Hello Paula!
    Your jacket is very cute.
    I like deportivo.
    A virtual kiss:-*
    See you!!

  3. Rahela, thanks very much. I think that you are a super machine !!
    Oh, and thanks to Soraya, too. But in English the circle of ordinal numbers does't exist.
    Glups !! :-*) A kiss !!

  4. Hello Paula,my name is Ainoa.
    Your jacket is very cool and cute.
    I like deportivo and a virtual kiss!! :-*)
    See you!