Thursday, 3 February 2011

"On animals" by Angel Brr.

Hello guys,
This is my post about animals:
  • Animals in the jungle or in the savannah:
Lion, elepphant, rhino, hippo, giraffe, zebra, monkey, chimpazee, gorilla (in danger), panther and tiger (in danger).
  • Animals in the ocean or in the water:
Fish, dolphin, shark, whale, seal, crocodile, turttle, octopus, salmon, tuna and penguin.
  • Animals in the woods or in the mountains:
Brown bear, wild goat, fox and wolf/wolves.
  • On the farm:
Bull, cow, horse, sheep, pig, chicken, goat, rabbit, hen and donkey.
  • Pets:
Dog, cat, hamster, canary, goldfish and turttles.
  • On the ice:
Penguin, polar bear and seal.
  • Little animals:
Fly, butterfly, mosquito, bee, beatle, ant, spider, worm, snail, frog and scorpion.
  • Reptiles:
Snakes (pythom and king cobra), crocodile, lizard, salamander and chamaleon.
  • Fantastic animals:
Pegasus, werewolf , unicorn and vanpire.
  • Animals of the past:
* My favourite animals is the dolphin because it is intelligent and the dolphin performs acrobatics.
See you!!!

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