Wednesday, 16 February 2011

"A Variety of word clouds " by Angel Brr

Hello guys,
this is my post about  word clouds.
This word cloud is about family and the members are:
Dady, mummy, grandfather, grandmother, brother, sister, unde, aunt, cousins, children, godmother and godfather.

This is an older word cloud post and the post was about clothing and  the clothing are:
Trousers, skirt, socks, hat, shorts, T-shirt, shirt, trainers, sweatshirt, swimsuit, coat, boots, scarf and gloves.

This is older post was about word clouds and this post was about rooms in a house and the rooms are
Bedroom, bathroom, toilet, living room, sitting room, garden, garage, kitchen, dinning room, hall, corridor, stairs (upstairs or donwstairs).

See you!!!

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