Monday, 14 March 2011

"Mysthical creatures" by Diego Aldao

Hello everybody,
They are my mysthicals creatures.
The first creature is called Dibendo and the second one is called Pozechee.
Dibendo eats meats and fruit.
The  body parts of Dibendo are from a dingo, a bengal tiger and a dog.
It lives in the American continet, in the jungle and  it lives for 30 years.
It can run very fast and swim very well.
Pozechee eats fish and fruit.
The  body parts of Pozechee are of  a polar bear, a  zebra and a cheetah.
It lives in Antartica, on the ice and it lives for 40 years.
It can swim very fast but it  run very slowly.

And if you want to make your owm animal click on tihis link: Switcheroo zoo.

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