Sunday, 3 April 2011

"Because everyone needs a crush..." by Paula

Hello my dear classmates,
On this post, I'm going to talk about my virtual crush, also in the real life, created at: Survive in the Middle School.
The avatar has got black short curly hair, brown eyes and he is wearing red shorts and a dark red and white T-shirt. He usually wear sportswear.
Questions and answers:
1.-Because everyone needs a crush...the colour of his skin is...fair skin.
2.-Because everyone needs a crush...what's his hair like ?? A Lil' Messy (but it looks gooood !!)
3.-Because everyone needs a crush...his hair has style, now what's the colour ?? Black.
4.-Because everyone needs a crush...his eyes say a lot about a person, what colour are his ?? Brown.
5.-Because everyone needs a crush...he always looks good !! His style trends towards...sporty, he is the number one. Hee, hee, hee !! :-)
(Click on read more if you want to know more about my crush)

6.-Because everyone needs a crush...surviving middle school is tougth, but he particulary excels in...maths and gym.
7.-Because everyone needs a crush...time to clique !!His groups of friends are know as the...jocks !!
8.-Because everyone needs a crush...I think it's so cool that he likes tons of sports.
9.-Because everyone needs a our yearbook, he'd most likely be voted as the...All-American Athlete in the Making.
10.-Because everyone needs a crush...his zodiac sign is...Pisces, like me !!
11.-Our perfect date, whould include...rocking out at a ACDC's concert.
As is my avatar according to my style:
PD: This post is dedicated to my boyfriend Alec.
You can see it ?? No, well YOU HOLD.
Goodbye !!


  1. Rahela class 4E4 April 2011 at 17:42

    Hello Paula
    Your post is cool and beautiful
    I love
    good job
    see you!

  2. Thanks very much Rahela.
    What is the name os your crush ??
    Hee, hee !!

  3. Hello Paula!
    I love your post is very intresting and beautiful.
    see you! and a Kis:*-)

  4. Thanks very much Andrea.
    A virtual kiss, too !! :-*)
    Oh, and congrats for all your comments for your classmates.
    Bye !!

  5. Hello Paula my name is Ainoa.
    Your avatar is very cool and beautiful.
    A virtual kiss :-*)
    See you!!

  6. Thanks very much.
    You has got a crush ??