Sunday, 10 April 2011

"My fantasy stories" by Paula

Hello people !!
On this new post, I'm going to talk about my fantasy stories created at: Mekanism.
I'm going to tell my own stories:
One day, very strange ghosts visited our planet. They manage to get a couple of sheets to scaring people.
They are planning to use its full power to scare people because they are in danger and they had to flew away.
They went to a very dark house but they are not happy with what they have done.
This is a very strange family, their members are: Billy, Tom, Spencer and Jack.
They are several brothers who have decided to become independent. They are in a rented flat with little furniture, a TV that does not work, some plants...
They have different hobbies: Billy likes talking on the phone, Tom likes tennis and sport in general, Spencer likes doing nothing and he spends the day thinking about silly things and Jack likes golf but he only plays golf in the Wii because he has no money to play real golf, hee hee !!
They think every day about the old life: with their parents...
This is a newly married couple that has decided to hire a foreign man for fanning them while they think to a travel to Hawai.
Every day, every minute, every second, every month and every year... they think of traveling to Hawai.

I hope that you like my stories.
Goodbye and...3th Grade people, I expect you write comments on the blog, hee hee !!

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