Monday, 11 April 2011

"My strange animals" by Miriam

Hi friends or simply  visitors!!!
This  animal has got a tiger's legs, a cheetah's body, an elephant's head
and bear's tail.
It  lives in the jungle, in Asia.
It lives for about 8500 years.
It eats leaves, meat and honey.
This animal can run, swim and climb trees.
This is all that I  Know on this animal .
Now, I'm going to talk on other animal.

This is other diferent animal.
Is got a  zebra's head,  a desert iguana's tail
 a tiger's legs and a cheetah's body.
It lives in the desert.
It lives for about 1000 years.
It eats leaves, insects and meat.
This animal can jump and run long distances.
See you on another post!!!

Link: Switcheroo Zoo.

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