Tuesday, 26 April 2011

" My trip to Bilbao" by Alec 6A

Hello everyone.!
I've got a break in Bilbao.
The photo is of the museum Guggenheim, It is very nice and big.
I went to Cabarceno's zoo; Cabarceno's zoo is very big and beautiful, it has got lots of animals of different race, for example: very big elephants, tortoises, zebras ...
I also went to a small village, called Potes. Potes is small but is very beautiful because is a rural village.
It has got a lot of foreigners in the hotels.
I bought presents for my family.
I like Bilbao city and its football club too.
My favourite football player of "Athletic Club Bilbao" is Fernando Llorente, because he is a good football player.
I recommend you to visit Bilbao.

See you on the next post!!!
Have a nice summer.

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