Friday, 29 April 2011

"The Royal Wedding" by Paula

Today is a very very important day for England and for William and Kate. know who are they ??
William is the England's prince and Kate, now, is a beautiful and cool princess.
All the Spain's Royal family were invited to the ceremony and the party.
Leticia was wearing pale pink chiffon, with his body and skirt embroidered with motifs nineteenth century:
Beatiful, fanstastic, great !!
Belén Esteban and Kate wore a  very similar dress:
I hope that you like my "news" and I feel that in another post I give you more infomation.
From William and Kate: Congratulations !! Now, duke and duchess of Cambridge. :-) 
Congrats !!


  1. Hi Paula I´m Angel Brr,
    your post is fantastic for the Royal Weadding.
    See you Paula.

  2. Thanks from Angel and Aurora !!
    I like very much your comments and Angel is "The Royal Wedding" not is the Royal Weadding.
    Goodbye and kisses !!