Saturday, 23 April 2011

"Statue of Liberty Muppet Whatnot" by Thalía

Hello friends and visitors of "Primary Bloggers".
This is my  muppet Whatnot.  
 She is dressed as the Statue of Liberty.  She is is very funny and very modern.
She's wearing a blue layer and a blue crown too.
Her hair is blond and straight. Her eyes are black with very long lashes and her eyelinds are purple. 
Her body is orange and her head is very big.
See you!


  1. Hello Thalía
    In my opinión your avatar is cute
    Well done

  2. Hello Thalía
    My name is Arturo
    Your statue of liberty is fantastic and
    See you!

  3. Hello Thalia!
    I think your post is very funny and cute.
    Good job!
    A virtual kiss: -*)