Thursday, 26 May 2011

" Paula's face" by Alec

Hello everybody.
I will describe my "friend" PAULA again.
She is the best on the world.
She has got "very beautifull" hair and eyes.
Paula is the "most intelligente" girl of the world.
Paula is the best "friend" and she never criticizes his classmates.
I don't want to continue with this war.

See you.


  1. Hello Alec!
    In my opinion your post is very funny and cool.
    Good job.
    See you!

  2. What's happening?
    In the last post you want to "Kill" Paula and in this post...............says that Paula is the best of the World?
    Are you Crazy!!!!
    Hee, Hee

  3. Yes, Alec.
    You want to ''kill'' Paula and you say ''she is the most intelligente'' girl of the world.
    Poor Paula.
    Jee, jee.