Thursday, 2 June 2011

"A day with Shakira and Piqué"by Aba B

Hello World!
I'm going to talk about a day of Shakira and Piqué!
Piqué gets up at 9 o'clock because he goes to train with the team Barça, the best of the world!
Piqué has toast and  jam for breakfast!
Shakira gets up at 10 o'clock and she text a mesagge to Piqué but he is train and...can't hear the mobile phone!
Then Shakira has a shower!
Shakira has toast and eggs for breakfast!
And after breakfast, she sings for two hours!
When Piqué ends the training, he has a shower!
Then Shakira and Piqué go to a restarant very right!
In the afternoon, Shakira and Piqué go shopping for an hour.
Then Shakira and Piqué have a rest.
In the evening they go to the cinema!
Then they go to a restaurant and have dinner....and go to a party!
This is a day with Piqué and Shakira!!!!
I hope you liked!
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And this is all for now!

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