Thursday, 2 June 2011

"A normal day in my mum's life" by Paula

(My mum and my dad)
Hello classmates,
On this new post, I'm going to talk about a day on my mum's live:
She wakes up at half past seven but she gets up, very tired, at twenty to eigth. She has cofee, milk and toast for breakfast, after that she gets dressed in her bedroom, she washes her face and she brushes her teeth. After that she goes to her work. 
She comes back from her work at quarter to four, she has lunch and she has a shower.
In the evening she goes, with me and my brother to the park or to the extra activities.
At half past seven back to home and we have a shower.
We have dinner and we go to bed at ten o'clock.
But, when my mother is working my aunt...
Takes care of us: she cooks the lunch, and sometimes the dinner, she does the washing up, she irons the laundry, she vacuums all the house, one day a week, she tidies my bedroom....
She is the best aunt in all the world.
I hope that you like my post.
Until another post, mates!

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