Monday, 28 November 2011

"Andrea and Joel" By Arantxa, class 6D

Hi visitors, they are my friends, Andrea and Joel.

Andrea is my best friend, I like many things about her, one of which most is that she is a little crazy, she's my crazy friend.
She has brown hair and almost green eyes. His nose is a little big like his mouth.
She is wearing a black jacket and a  violet scarf..
Her favorite colour is purple.

Joel is my cousin and he is my best friend boy. He has brown eyes and brown hair. His nose is averag like his mouth.
He is wearing a red sweatshirt.
His favourite sport is football, his team is Real Madrid, and his favourite player is Xabi Alonso.

You can makes avatars at Pickaface, and the collage at Picnick.

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