Thursday, 10 November 2011

"I'm back" Cristina from class 6D

Hello people,
 My name is Cristina,
 I'm 11 and this is my cartoon avatar for this new season.
This is my back to the blog.
I moved  to another different classroom for a year but this year I want more.
As you can see, I have got long brown hair, big brown eyes, small mouth, ears and nose and dark skin.
I haven't got glasses or freckles.
I'm wearing a grey jacket and a pink scarf.
 I haven't got any necklace or earrings.
My favourite colour is blue. My favourite subjects are Maths and English.
My favourite food is octopus and my favourite animal are dolphin and dog.
The background is purple with a stripes.
See you and thanks for reading.

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