Sunday, 27 November 2011

" Lucia and Marco " by Cristina, class 6D

 Hi visitors,
First of all, I'm going to talk about the boy.
His name is Marco. He's 11.
He has got brown, straight and short hair .
His eyes are brown and big and his eyebrows are big too.
His nose is small and his mouth is small too, he also has got a big smile.
His ears are small.
He is short.
He's wearing a red jacket.
He hasn't got  glasses or freckles.
His favourite colour is red, his favourite food is chips and his favourite hobby is formula 1 races.
The background is pink.

And now,
 I want to talk about of the girl.
Her name is Lucia. She is 11 years old.
She has got long, brown and straight hair.
Her eyes are brown and small and her eyebrows are small too.
Her nose is small and his mouth is small too.
Her ears are big but just a little bit.
She is short.
She's wearing a purple dress.
She has got glasses and she hasn't got freckles.
Her favourite colour is green, her favourite food is squid and omelette, her favourite fruit is cherries,
 she likes singing and her favourite animals are dogs.
The background is orange.
Thanks for reading and this is all for now.

I have created this avatars at PickaFace and the collage at Picnik.

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