Tuesday, 29 November 2011

"My cool squirrel" by Aida, class 6D

Create your own Animation

Hi friends!
Do you want to create a squirrel, a flower... like a little comic?
It's very funny and entertaining.
I wish you like it.
I recommend it because it's very funny and useful.

Ok, now I'm going to describe the squirrel.
It's very big and grey.
It has got very big blue eyes, a very big mouth and very white teeth too.
So, the squirrel wants to go to London and I hope it gets and learns a lot.
The squirrel is lonely, and it wants to talk to someone and it wants to has got a friend.
And that's all!
Bye, see you on the next post.

You can create your animated comic on this link: fodey.com 

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