Wednesday, 14 December 2011

"My new avatar" by Jimena Class 6A

Hello class!
 I'm Jimena and this is my new avatar.
 I've got fair skin.
 I've got black hair and brown eyes.
 I've got an average nose and an average mouth.
 My favourite colour is blue.
 My favourite subject is Spanish.
 I like reading, dancing and drawing.
 I don't like singing, doing homework and doing tests.
 I've got some books and some notebooks.
 In my beautiful pencilcase, I have got some pens some rubbers, a pencil a sharpener, glue and scissors.
 And this is all for the moment.
 By the way... do you like my new avatar?
If you want to create an avatar like this, visit PickaFace
 Bye friends!

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