Friday, 9 December 2011

"My super friend Jimena" by Judith 6A

Hello friends!
This is my friend Jimena.
Jimena is 11 years old.
She is in my class. Jimena is: tall, thin and so on.
First of all, Jimena is a good student and is a good person.
Her favourite subject is Spanish.
Her hair is black, short, straight and beautiful.
Her eyers are brown and  little and her nose is little too.
Jimena has got one sister. Her name is Marina. Marina is a good person as Jimena.
Marina is 10 years old.
Is tall, think and studies in C.E.I.P Ponte dos Brozos class 4A.
Here, Jimena is wearing a blue T-shirt.
Jimena is one of my best friends.
By the way, do you like my friend?
See you, everybody!

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