Thursday, 1 December 2011

"The two best players in the world" by Alex Ram, class 6D

These are the two best players in the world. And I will talk about them.
The names of the players are Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.
One is more complete than the other but both are very cool.
Cristiano played for Madrid and Messi for Barcelona.
Cristiano is stronger in everything than Messi but Messi is better because
he is an artist.

Cristiano has short and black hair, has a round face, two small eyes and a small
But he has got very white teeth, small ears and a small mole on his face.
He is a person of a strong constitution.
He is very strong to score incredible goals.
He can jump very high.
Cristiano has the number seven on the back.
And this is all about Cristiano.

Messi is a very good player technically but has little power and he is small.
He has long and brown hair, his face is small and round, has two small eyes,
his ears are small but you only can see them whe ha has got with long hair.
He has got  a small mouth but he smiles a lot and he has got a
small nose.
Messi hasn't good fitness but he is fast.
He wears the number 10 on the back
And this is all about Messi.

And this is all about the two best players in the world.
Goodbye football fans!!!

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