Monday, 13 February 2012

"Monster High Doll" by Nico

Hello little monsters!
My name is  Lucrecia. I am 10.000 years old. I´m very old because I´m immortal, and this is fantastic.
I´m from Monstervania but now I live in... (near you.... Muahahaha)

I love long hair and blood. I hate dirty teeth (I clean mine twice a day) and light (it disturbs me).
My favourite colours are black and red. My favourite food is fast food (hamburgers, hot dogs and pizza): I like it!
I don´t go to school. It´s very boring. I steal cars and sell them to rich monsters.
My clothes are very "special": I don´t wear anything (always fashionable :-P ).
I have got a friend: Martin. He´s my servant. He makes everything. I haven´t got any pets because I ate them in 1978.
I´m a very dangerous doll  with a very huge mouth. I can fly and I can´t die.
See you on your dreams.

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