Saturday, 11 February 2012

"Monstrous brother" by Cristina, class 6D

Hello, visitors!!!
These are my Monster High Dolls.
Do you like them?
The first one on the right, is a girl.
Her name is Bipola.
She is 18 years old.
Bipola is a cyclops.
She has got a brother. His name is Broken Bone.
Her favourite color is the blue turquoise. She loves this colour.
Bipola likes the peacock, but it is little roast. 
Bipola has got two pets: the first is a piranha and the second is a tarantula.
Her favourite film is "The lost ghost".
Her favourite song is "The vampire".
Her favourite activity is gym because he has got wonderful reflexes . 
Her least favourite activity is swimming because there aren´t swim goggles for her three eyes.
Bipolas's favourite subject  is maths and her least favourite subject is history. 
Everyone at school is friend for hers.
She can read a book of  two hundred pages in less than five minutes and she has a photographic memory.
All school called the woman sealed because has got the sealed mouth.

The second one on the left, is a boy.
His name is Broken Bone.
He's 25.
He has got wife.
Has got a sister. His sister is Bipola.
Broken's favourite colour is green, but the colour of the grass.
He is vegetarian so his favourite food is salad. 
He has got a vegetarian dinosaur. He plays every days with him every day, it's his "best friend".
His favourite film is "The last bone".
His favourite song is "Cementery".
His favourite activity is archery because has got a very good marksmanship.
He hasn't got favourite least activity.
Her favourite subject is English because he is very good at listening.
And his least favourite subject is Spanish because has got his mouth with a closed zipper.
His friends are his coworkes.
At work they call broken bone because has got a bone in his face.
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