Tuesday, 13 March 2012

" Me in Switzerland" By Alec

Hello visitors.
Last weekend I was with my dad in Switzerland!
I loved it, I was in Geneva, in the car show . It is the most important car exhibition in Europe.
I saw millions of cars ; Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti and so on...

I was in Lausanne too. I liked it, because I was born there.
I visited the clinic where I was born, lots of soccer fields and lot of more things...
I visited my uncle too.

My uncle has a very big dog ( German dog ). His name is Atlas.
Atlas is very kindly.

Switzerland is a very clean country. Nothing is broken.
I recommend you to visit Switzerland.
Do you know Switzerland?


  1. What are some food, tradicional fruit?
    Could you tell me some kinds of food, of you know?

  2. Ahh, Ook! Thanks Alec! (: