Monday, 30 April 2012

"Super cool stuff" by Alba A, class 6A

Hello guys,
I have made this collage with some cool stuff I have created.
In my collage, you can see a beautiful toy, an original car, a special guitar and a wonderful cookie.
My cookie is very beautiful, it's a blue and green biscuit.
My special guitar is blue and has got lots of stickers, aboute AC/DC, two bats: one black and the other white, a star and a caution sticker.
My car is very very cool and beautiful. It is black and white  and has got a yellow circle and colored arrows.
My toy is fantastic and it's blue. It has got a very big mouth and blue eyes and it has got  a red necktie and red trainers.
Create your special guitar at "Custom Guitar"
Create your beautiful toy at "Art Is a Gift"
Create your original car at "Designer Spark"
Create your wonderful cookie at "Smiley Cookie"
Make a collage at "piZap"

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