Tuesday, 17 April 2012

" My original bedroom" by Jimena, class 6A

(If you want to create your own, go to this link: IKEA- Space Marker)

Hello design lovers!
How are you?
In this post I want to talk about my fantasic bedroom.
The walls are violet and pink with dots.
 On the floor, there is a pink carpet, a window with white blinds and high bed with a sofa and a picture below.
On the sofa there is a laptop.
It also has a big desk with a cupboard next to it.
On the table I've got a lot of books.
And in the wardrobe, I've got lot of clothes, skates and bags.
There is a pink chair a clook, a mirror a school bag, an electronic guitar, another picture and a small lamp.
And this is all about my fantastic bedroom.
Do you like it?
I think so.
Bye design lovers!

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