Monday, 23 April 2012

" My custom smurfs" by Jimena, class 6A

( If you want to create your own, go to this link:Smurf Yourself)
                                                                       Hi Smurfs!
This is my new post about the smurfs.
I think smurfs are small creatures.
On the left you can see a Pitufina classic dancer. She's blue. She has got blond hair.
She's wearing a pink and beautiful tutu, pink ballet shoes and a white hat.
On the right you can see Alonso smurf. He's blue. He hasn't got hair but it has a white hat like Pitufina.
It's wearing a red racing suit.            
He also has a red racing car a red helmet and a gold trophy.
And this is all about my smurfs post.
By the way...
Do you like my post?
Do you like the smurfs?
I think so.
Bye smurfs!

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