Tuesday, 24 April 2012

"New toys in the toy shop" by Cristina, class 6D

Hello, people!!!!
In the left, there is a Bug Puppet.
His name is Ciclope.
It is a boy.
It has got:
-Brown curly hair.
-Just one eye.
-A brow mustache and a brown beard.
-A red mouth.
It's wearing a red basketball T-shirt with a white number.
The number is twenty-seven.

If you want to create an avatar like mine go to Bug Puppet.

In the right, there is a new doll in the toy shop.
It is a girl.
Her name is Tamara.
Her eyes and hair are brown.
She's wearing a blue and white dress with a white loop.
Her shoes are blue and white too.
She has got a beautifull hairband with a white flower.

If you want to create a doll visit American Girl.

See you on the next post, friends!!!

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