Tuesday, 8 May 2012

"Art is A Gift" by Aida, class 6D

Hi visitors!
I have made these dolls with much effort.
The first one:
Its name is Rose, it is pink. It has got a scarf and it hear is blue, one of its eyes is bigger than the other, and its mouth is red.
The second one:
Its name is Andy, it is green. It has got billy and beautiful eyes. Its mouth has got a pink heart.
The third one:
Its name is Duff, it is yellow and orange. It has got a mustache, it has got big eyes. It has got a guitar. It is look like Mario Bros.
The fourth one:
Its name is Tod, it is blue. It has got glasses, a monocle, a mustache, a bowtie, a tie, and a tattoo of a star in it ear.
I'm done! 
If you want to create dolls like these, visit Art is A Gift.
Bye, bloggers, take care of yourselves!

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