Thursday, 31 May 2012

"A lot of food" by Uxía Varela, class 6D


Hello friends!
In this post I will introduce my custom food.
-The first is a pizza.
Its name is Beauty; it's funny, friendly, nice, playful...
It has got an olive mouth, pineapple eyes, a bacon nose...
I have created my pizza friend at Gus and Joe's Agency Pizza Maker.
-The second one is a pepper, a custom pepper.
It's a baby girl.
It's very funny and friendly.
I have created my pepper at Chili's Create a Pepper.
-The third one is a donut.
I have made my donut like a ring and I frosting with strawberry icing and I sprinkle with rainbow sprinkels.
I have created the donut at Create Dunkin's Next Donut.
They are my friends, my own friends, my unic friends, my best food friends!

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