Friday, 25 May 2012

"An unexpected meeting" By Alba B Class 6A

Hello Friends!
The last weekend I was in London!
I was walking at  Notting Hill and  I saw  Paul McCartney
Paul Mccrtney is a musician of the famous and admired group of "The Beatles".
He was very handsome! He was offered to show us the city!
First of all, we went to see Abbey Road, a very famous road with its zebra crossing, Do you know why?
Then we went to see Tower Bridge.
He wore a leather jacket and jeans, I think than he likes wearing casual clothes.
I said: Why do "The Beatles"separated?
He said: I don't know, life is life Alba!
In the end we went to see more monuments in London!
Have you ever met  a famous?
Bye Bye my dear visitors! ;)

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